AO4ELT3 Conference. Florence, Italy, 26-31 May 2013

The design of AO systems and related instrumentation for the planned ELT’s has been strongly pursued over the last two years. The AO4ELT3 conference aims at gathering specialists to review and discuss the latest developments of the ELT’s current design in terms of AO systems, related instruments and science goals. At the same time the conference will report on pathfinder projects planned or implemented on existing telescopes, including solar telescopes, which provide relevant results for the next ELT’s design phase. Special attention will be given to key components and new ideas that have the potential to overcome the limitations of existing systems, in order to increase the scientific impact of the future ELT’s.


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Conference Topics

  • ELT astronomy with AO: scientific observations with ELTs and related requirements for AO systems to achieve optimal science performance in photometry, astrometry, planets detection etc. etc.;
  • AO systems for ELTs: status of current ELT AO systems projects;
  • AO pathfinders & new ideas: on-sky AO systems, including AO systems for solar observation, and laboratory test bench results as pathfinders for the ELTs AO systems design. New concepts having the potential to overcome the limitations of existing systems, in order to increase the scientific impact of the future ELT’s;
  • AO Numerical simulations and modeling;
  • Wave-front sensing;
  • Wave-front correctors;
  • Laser Guide Star systems;
  • System control & algorithms. Real time computing platforms for AO systems, control algorithms and wavefront retrieval;
  • Atmospheric turbulence and AO disturbance: modeling and characterization of atmospheric turbulence and AO disturbance including sodium layer variability, wind buffeting, dome seeing etc. etc.;
  • Data post processing and optimization: PSF reconstruction, image deconvolution and AO performance monitoring and optimization.

The conference is organized by the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory with support from LESIA (Paris Observatory) and ONERA, and will take place in Florence (Italy) from May 26 to May 31 (2013).

List of important deadlines

  • Nov. 15, 2012: Call for paper, website opened for registration and abstract submission.
  • Jan. 20, 2013: Abstracts due date.
  • Mar. 28, 2013: Final conference program announced.
  • Apr. 10, 2013: End of early registration.
  • May 26-31, 2013: AO4ELT 2013 conference.
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