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The Science Organizing Committee of the Adaptive Optics for ELT third edition (AO4ELT3) is inviting the community to submit original papers to be presented at the Conference and finally published in the Conference Proceedings. The abstract of the paper (max. 300 words) must be submitted before January 10th 2013 using the conference web site. The accepted papers will be presented during the conference as either oral or poster contribution. After the conference the authors will be requested to present a written paper (10 pages max.) that will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Papers are solicited in the following conference topics:

  • ELT astronomy with AO: scientific observations with ELTs and related requirements for AO systems to achieve optimal science performance in photometry, astrometry, planets detection etc. etc.;
  • AO systems for ELTs: status of current ELT AO systems projects;
  • AO pathfinders & new ideas: on-sky AO systems, including AO systems for solar observation, and laboratory test bench results as pathfinders for the ELTs AO systems design. New concepts having the potential to overcome the limitations of existing systems, in order to increase the scientific impact of the future ELT’s;
  • AO Numerical simulations and modeling;
  • Wave-front sensing;
  • Wave-front correctors;
  • Laser Guide Star systems;
  • System control & algorithms. Real time computing platforms for AO systems, control algorithms and wavefront retrieval;
  • Atmospheric turbulence and AO disturbance: modeling and characterization of atmospheric turbulence and AO disturbance including sodium layer variability, wind buffeting, dome seeing etc. etc.;
  • Data post processing and optimization: PSF reconstruction, image deconvolution and AO performance monitoring and optimization.

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